Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between “Named Insured”, “First Named Insured” and “Additional Insured”?

Named insureds are those listed by name in the relevant block of the policy’s declaration page. Although the named insured is commonly one person, partnership, corporation or other entity with insurable interests, multiple names insured may be included.

First Named Insured is the first name listed on the policy declarations (front page of the policy). This insured acts as the legal agent for all named insureds in initiating cancellation, requesting policy changes or accepting any return premiums. The first named insured may also be responsible for payment of the premiums.

Additional insured is an entity to which a policy’s coverage is extended. An additional insured must be added to the policy prior to a claim being paid. There must be a relationship between the additional insured and the named insured. Being an additional insured on another’s policy does not eliminate the need for someone to have his/her own Commercial Liability policy.


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As farm specialists in the Harford and Cecil County area, Lassen, Marine & Webster can assess your unique needs and risks to recommend the best insurance for you whether you’re running a large-scale operation or small family farm.


Farm property insurance protects your farm’s physical assets, including your dwelling and household personal property, farm personal property and barns, stables, silos and other structures found on your farm.

Farm property insurance is one of the most important investments you can make in your farm to ensure the future of its operation. At Lassen, Marine & Webster we understand that each individual farm is unique and can tailor a policy that covers anything from dwellings, mobile homes and rented dwellings to the contents found within those structures and other buildings as well as outdoor equipment like detached garages, in-ground pools, outdoor radio and landscaping.

A farm is not just someone’s home, but place of businessm and farm property insurance treats it as one by providing coverages for debris removal, credit card theft and loss of use and counterfeit money. Additional coverages include, but are not limited to:

  • Back-up of sewer & drains
  • Building ordinance or law
  • Dwellings under construction
  • Theft
  • Personal Injury
  • Medical Payments

Please beware that you will still need to schedule any extremely valuable property separately, including jewelry, antiques, guns and artwork.