Frequently Asked Questions

How does the mortgage protection term insurance differ from other types of term life insurance?

The face amount under mortgage protection term insurance decreases over time, consistent with the projected annual decrease in the outstanding balance of a mortgage loan. Mortgage protection policies are generally available to cover a range of mortgage repayment periods, like 15, 20, 25 or 30 years. Although the face amount decreases over time, the premium is usually level in amount. Further, the premium payment period often is shorter than the maximum period of insurance coverage – for example, a 20-year mortgage protection policy might require that level premiums be paid over the first 17 years.


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Business owners in Harford and Cecil County can rest assured knowing there is a local, independent agent nearby able to access and customize insurance plans to meet the needs of your specific industry and situation.


Contractors, IT service companies, heating and air conditioning professionals and even marketing agencies need protection from negligence arising out of their particular services. Through specialized insurance companies, we offer coverage for lawsuits associated with employment practices, errors and omissions and many other types of professional liability, including network security and unprotected patents.

An extension of general liability, professional liability insurance protects you and your business from losses which your products or services caused. Common professions that require professional liability insurance policies include lawyers, medical professionals, real estate agents, non-profit organizations and private companies. Different types of professional liability include:

  • Directors & Officers Liability: Protects directors and officers of public, private and non-for-profit corporations
  • Employment Practices Liability: For claims arising out of employment disputes; protects individuals and companies from resulting damages and defense costs; examples: discrimination, sexual harassment, wrongful termination and wrongful discipline
  • Cyber Liability: Protects information assets from risks like computer viruses, malicious code and hardware theft
  • Technical Professional Liability
  • Errors & Omissions
  • Financial Services Liability